Vasso Apostolopoulos, PhD Professor

     Vasso Apostolopoulos - Awards
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NATIONAL (Australia)

1993, Hellenic Distinction - Category of 'Professionals', Melbourne, VIC Australia
1995, ASI Postgraduate International Travel Prize, Australia [Funded attendance to the Cancer Vaccine Conference, Virginia USA)
1996, Premiers Award for Medical Research. VIC Australia. [Presented by the Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr Jeff Kennett]
1996, Young Australian of the Year Award (Victorian Section) - Finalist
1997, Young Australian of the Year Award (VIC) - Winner
1997, Network 10/Herald Sun Young Achiever of the Year Award VIC Australia
1997, Young Australian of the Year Award (National Awards) - Finalist
1997, Australia's Most Successful Women Under 30 (1/30) Cosmopolitan magazine (April issue)
1997, Most Significant Greek Abroad. (1/8) - Special Feature in November issue of Time magazine
1997, Hellenic Distinction - Category of 'Professionals', Melbourne, VIC Australia
1998, Gold Cross of St Andrew - Bestowed by his Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia. [The highest distinction given by 
          the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia]
1998, NH&MRC of Australia, CJ Martin Fellowship, 4 years, VIC Australia 
2002, Victorian Young Tall Poppy Award 
2003, NH&MRC of Australia, RD Wright Biomedical Career Development Award, 5 years, VIC Australia 
2004, Inducted Victorian Honor Roll of Women - Victorian State Government
2004, Torchbearer Melbourne leg, International Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay - Albert Park Lake, Melbourne Australia
2005, Appointed Australia Day Ambassador [Presented by the Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr Steve Bracks]. 
          Town visited, Stawell, VIC Australia 
2006, Appointed Australia Day Ambassador [Presented by the Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr Steve Bracks].
2007, Appointed Australia Day Ambassador [Presented by the Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr Steve Bracks]. 
          Town visited, Koo Wee Rup, VIC Australia 
2008, Appointed Australia Day Ambassador [Presented by the Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr John Brumby]. 
          Town visited, Apollo Bay, VIC Australia    
2005 - 2008, Inaugural Sir Zelman Cowen Cancer Research Fellow.
2008, Australian of the Year Award - Nomination 
2010, ASI Gordon Ada Senior Travel Award
2010, Greek Australian of the Year [Presented by the Peloponnesian Confederation of Australia]
2010, Vice-Chancellors Citation for Outstanding Engagement. [Presented by Professor Elizabeth Harman, Vice-Chancellor 
          Victoria University, VIC Australia]


1997, Decoration of the Order of - Brigadier General, of the Phoenix Battalion. [Bestowed by the President of Greece, the 
          Honorable Mr Kostas Stefanopoulos]
1997, Honor from His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Constantinople - Istanbul)
1998, Honor, Minister of Health Cyprus. [The Honorable Mr Christos Solomis]. Cyprus
1998, Honor, Prime Minister of Cyprus. [The Honorable Mr Kliridis]. Cyprus
1998, Olympia Award. 2nd Pan-Iliako Conference Ancient Olympia Greece
1998, Honorary Mayor of Amalias. [Bestowed by the Mayor of Amalias, Mr Dimitrios Kralios, Greece]
1998, Zeus Honor, Greece [Bestowed by the mayor of Pyrgos, 100 years of modern Olympic games 1/5 total ever awarded]
1999, Arcadian of the Year USA [Presented by PanArcadian Federation of America, Nea Mantinea Chapter 102 of Greater Los 
          Angeles, Anaheim CA USA]
1999, Euro-American Women's Council Lifetime Honorary Chair. Los Angeles, USA
1999, Honorary Award International day for women Greece. [Bestowed by the Mayor of New Philadelphia]
2000, Scientific Award, University of Patras, Greece
2000, Honorary Award International day for women Greece. [Bestowed by the Mayor of Glyfadas]
2003, Bodossaki Foundation Academic Prize, Molecular Bio-Medicine Award. Athens, Greece
2004, Women of the year Greece [Life and Style Magazine]
2007, Honorary Scientific Achievement Award, University of Patras. Greece
2014, Diploma of Honour, Graduate Program Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Discovery and Design, University of Patras, Greece

(Travel / Other / Student)

1991-1995, Higher Education Contribution Scheme Postgraduate Scholarship. VIC Australia
1991-1992, Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria Vacation Studentship 
1992-1995, Australian Postgraduate Research Award (PhD Scholarship). VIC Australia
1992, Australian Institute of Medical Scientists - Travel Bursary
1994, Sixth Lorne Cancer Conference - Student Travel Bursary
1994, Australian Society for Immunology - Student Travel Award
1995, VSPEM - ASMR Young Researcher Award
1995, Seventh Lorne Cancer Conference - Student Bursary
1996, CRC for Vaccine Technology Award. [For a meritorious presentation by a scientist under the age of 35. 1st Daydream Island 
          Tumour Immunology Workshop, QLD, Australia]
1998, The Ian Potter Foundation Travelling Fellowship. VIC Australia
2001, DSTO Career Development Award (Defense Science and Technology Organisation). [To attend the Australian Academy of 
          Science's Early-career Researchers Program, part of the Science at the Shine Dome' events. Canberra Australia]
2002, Austin Hospital (Austhos) Travelling Fellowship. [Keystone Tumour Immunology Conference Colorado, USA in 2003]
2003, Amgen Award for Research Excellence Special Commendation
2004, Amgen Award for Research Excellence - Special Commendation


1998 - 2014, Who's Who in Australia, Information Australia Group
1998, Being Enterprising. Ed: C. Dunn, MacMillan Press. Australia. 45-48, 1998. English/Humanities teaching book for high school
          students, Year 9/10 (Questions and activities)
1999, Stardust Spacecraft Launched into Space on February 7 1999. Name inclusion on the microchip (1/136,000 selected names  
          world wide). NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
2000, Course Guide 2000. University of Melbourne. Student profile
2000, Millennium messages, City of Melbourne and The Age Newspaper (1/250 messages from 250 notable Australians)
2000, University of Melbourne, Research and Innovation Calendar. Featured in the Month of March 
2004, Tall Poppies Curriculum Materials, “Young Science Heroes” Ed: J. Beal, MacMillan Press, 2004. Science teaching book for  
          primary school teachers and students, Year 5/6
2005, Career Profile, Kumon Australia and New Zealand. Zeal - issue number 18, page 10-11, December 2005
2006, Science at work project. Victorian State government. 1 of a panel of 12 notable Australians featured, Displayed around  
          Victoria during November 2005 - December 2006
2006 - 2014, Who's Who of Australian Women, Information Australia Group
2007, Launch of Victorian Honor Roll of Women (1/5 women high achievers to launch the call for nominations for 2007. 
          [Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Christine Nixon, Bridgette Muir, Cathy Freeman, Vasso Apostolopoulos]
2008, Who's Who in Victoria, Information Australia Group 
2010, Ministry of Education, Greece. Calendar featuring the 12 most significant Greeks of the Diaspora in the last 500 years.  
          Featured in the Month of May
2011 - 2014, Travel through the past to the present. Short profile of distinguished Greeks of all time. Ant1 TV

Honors / Other

1997, Honorary Member, Thessalonikan Association. The White Tower. Melbourne, Australia
1997, Honorary Committee Member. First World convention for Hellenes Abroad. Greece
1997, Honor. PanCretan Community of Melbourne and Victoria, Australia
1997, EEAMA Honors. (League of Greeks from Egypt and the Middle East Inc). Melbourne, Australia
1997, Siatista Honors. (Honor from the Mayor of Siatista), Greece
1997, Most Significant Person of Greek origin in 1997 (1 of 20). Portraits magazine (Eikones), Greece
1997, Most Significant Person of the Year (of Greek Origin) in Greece. Eleftherotipia newspaper
1997, Honorary Committee Member. 1st World convention for Hellenes Abroad. Thessalonika, Greece
1998, Most admired women in Australia (1 of 100). International day for women. The Age newspaper
1998, Most significant Greek in the world (1 of 10). Special in Elefteros-Typos newspaper Greece
1998, Honorary Member. Australia 2004 Athens Olympic Committee
1998, Honorary Guest. 6th Hermes Expo, Greek American Business Trade and Exhibition, New Jersey, USA
1998, Honorary Member. Rotary Club of Amalias, Greece
1998, Honorary Member. Medical Association of Amalias, Greece
1998, Honorary Member of EEAMA. Melbourne, Australia
1998, Honor. Medical Association of Southern Greece
1998, Honor. Committee of Patreans in Athens, Greece
1998, Honor. Greek-Australian committee for x-Greeks in Australia, Ahaias-Koala, Greece
1998, Honor in recognition for Academic Achievements. President of Paliohori, Greece
1999, VIP Honorary Guest. Council for Hellenes Abroad (SAE), Chicago, IL, USA
1999, Honor. Pan-Arcadian Federation of America. 40th Convention, Anaheim, CA USA.
1999, Honorary Member. Pan-Arcadian Federation of America, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1999, Honorary Committee Member. 3rd World convention for Hellenes Abroad. Thessalonica, Greece
1999, Honorary Committee Member. 1st World convention for young Hellenes Abroad. Greece
1999, Honor of Achievement, Greek-Australian 2004 Athens Olympic Committee, Australia
1999, Honor in recognition for Academic Achievements. Mayor of Athens, Greece [The Honorable Mr Avramopoulos]
2000, Most significant Greek of the century 1900-2000 (1 of 10). Special feature in newspapers in Greece
2003, International day for women. Honor from the Greek Community of South Australia, Adelaide
2003, WREDO Invest West Expo. Recognition as a High Achiever from the West. Australia.
2004, Honor in recognition for Academic Achievements. Mayor of Xylokastro - Corinth, Greece
2004, Honor in recognition for Academic Achievements. Director of Dimoil Pty Ltd - Patras, Greece
2007, Most Influential Greek Australian Women. (1 of 5) - International day for women. Neos Kosmos, Australia

1998, Meeting with The Honorable Mr Glafkos 
Kliridis, President of Cyprus
1996, Premiers Award for Medical Research
with the Honorable Mr Jeff Kennett, Premier of 
Victoria 1992-1999, and with Prof Ian McKenzie
1997, Young Australian of the Year
All Category Winners
1997, Young Australian of the Year (VIC) - Winner 
Channel 10 Herald Sun Young Achiever of the Year. Presented by The Minister of Youth and Community Services (the current Premier of Victoria), the Honorable Dr Denise Napthine
1998, Gold Cross of St Andrew from His Eminence Archbishop of Australia
1998, Honor, with the Minister of Health Mr Christos Solomis, President of Cyprus Mr Glafkos Kliridis, First Lady, Cyprus
1998, Honor, with the President of Paliohori, 
1998, Honorary Mayor of Amalias, with
​The Honorable Mr Dimitris Kralios
1998, Zeus Honor, with the Mayor of Pyrgos Greece 
1997, Cosmopolitan Magazine, November issue
Most Successful Woman under 30 (1/30)
1997, Meeting with The Honorable Mr Kostas Stephanopoulos President of Greece
1996, Premiers Award, with the 
Honorable Mr Jeff Kennett
  ASI Gordon Ada Senior Travel Award