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2013 March, Aussie Grand 
Prix Run, 5km
2013 March, Run for the Kids, 15km
2013 April, Glow Run, 5km
2013 April, Run Rock, 5km
2013 June, Stadium Stomp, 
MCG 1,890 steps
2013 May, Mothers Day Classic, 8km
2013 June, MS Walk, 10km
2013 July, Run Melbourne, 10km
2013 September, Spartan Hurricane WOD
2013, Michelle Bridges 12WBT Workout Western Suburbs Warriors
2013, Gym workouts
2013, Home Workouts
2013, Walks 
2013, Garage Sessions
2013, 1,000 Steps Kokoda Trail
2013, Sunday Walks
2013, JFDI Legends Weekend Workouts
2013, Hikes for Relaxation, 20km
2013, Cycling Workouts
2013, with Michelle Bridges, at 12WBT Workout
2013, with Commando Steve, 
at Super Spartan
2013, with my Girls, at 
12WBT Workout
2013, JFDI Legends
2013 October, Super Spartan, 14km
It is well accepted that regular exercise has health benefits, in particular to 

1. Physiological factors: glucose flux, bone density, fat and muscle composition, blood pressure, heart rate, metabolic syndromes, cholesterol
2. Endocrine factors: adrenocorticotropin, cortisol, prolactin, growth hormone
3. Immunological factors: NK and T cell activity, inflammatory markers, blood cell counts 
4. Psychological factors: stress, memory

Exercise deprivation and Sleep deprivation effects adipose tissue, adipokinase, induces adipose tissue hypoxia, generates low levels of leptin - all leading to obesity. 

Here is an experiment in progress, of regular exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep, to improve in fitness, health and weight


How will the experiment be conducted? The participant, 'me' will do what she enjoys. It is believed if you do not enjoy what you do, you do not continue with it long term. This will be achieved in 6 ways. 

1. Participate in Fun Runs, 'yes' they are fun...! 
2. Take part in exercise workouts with friends, in groups, in classes, and enjoy doing them. - Relaxation Therapy
3. Participate in challenges, as they keep you going
4. Include the family in fun exercise activities.,
5. Healthy eating habits and lifestyle change, no pills and quick fixes, I do enjoy food....!!
6. Sleep will be altered to include at least 6-8 hours per night.

Lets start....!
2013 October, Melbourne Marathon, The Coffee Club 10km
My first fun run held a few days before the Melbourne Grand Prix, around the Grand Prix Track. It was a walk not really a run, but it was exciting..
Inspired by my Catherine, she got me through, she motivated me, she pushed me, she held my hand. My inspiration.... Thanks my dear friend
What a great way to get the family involved. Lots of fun, loud music, every one glowed - as we walked/jogged around Birrarung Marr, Melbourne city
Beautiful scenery, what a place for an event. I jogged half of the way and walked the other half. I was so proud of my achievement.
What an motivational friend to do the MDC with. The day before Debra did her back, she was in pain, but, she came and she finished......,
Just 6 months prior I could not walk upstairs at home. Here I did 1,890 steps up the aisles of the MCG, and it was actually quite easy.....!
Twice around the Lake. Jacqueline's longest walk to date, 10km and another 5km getting to and from the car. And, 10km the day before...! Great job.
I was nervous, I was up the front and hadn't realised until everyone was trying to push past me. I started to run. I did for about 8km, walked the rest
The toughest and most emotional thing I've ever done. My team mates and hubby, pushed me pulled me and waited for me. I'm so lucky.
An exciting event to be part of. I enjoyed this event and I was very relaxed. I even cut out 8 minutes from RunMelb 2.5 months prior.
What a workout. About 800 people attended in preparation for the Super Spartan. As a team, JFDI Legends, we worked out for 4 hours, we lifted, we squated, we did burpees and more, we burnt over 1500 calories.
Over 1000 people at a group workout with Michelle Bridges for the end of 12WBT round 1 2013. Western Suburbs Warriors are a motivational group all with the same goals and interests. Even on a bad day, they lift your spirits up.
Going to the gym is relaxing and fun. After a good workout you feel great. Have met many people at the gym but no-one like my workout buddy Tania. Some days I cannot be bothered, but I go to workout just to see my buddy
Inspired by Nicole's weight loss journey, we started Home Workouts, which are quite fun and enjoyable. Regular home workouts are an important part for Relaxation and Continuation.
Regular walks are an integral part of the fitness journey. Walking is a great form of relaxation. The scenery you see with walks, are never seen when driving a car. Walking alone or with friends is a great way to keep you going.
Met the most wonderful husband-wife team (Greg and Julie) who open up their garage for workouts. On Saturday mornings when its cold, and the family is asleep.., these garage sessions, make me get up and go go go..., 
The 1000 steps Kokoda Trail is tough and challenging. On an early morning in winter, freezing cold, we got up and walked up the steps. Crazy but fun and relaxing, yes fun, really... many many more of these to do.,
Our regular early morning Sunday walks when everyone is still asleep. What a great way to increase your metabolism, what a great way to catch up with friends, what a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Effie you are so motivational
Bi-monthly JFDI Legends workouts are fun, are crazy, are always different, are challenging. All met through 12wbt, have become good friends and are great motivators and keep you going and going. Thanks girls (and guys).
After 12 months, as of January 2014
(i)     Have met some great people who motivate and encourage me no matter what. On bad days, they keep me going. It's ok to have 
        bad days and a stint of a bad week. You pick yourself up and keep going
(ii)    Have made some good friends
(iii)   If I don't exercise for a day, I feel bad, yes I do.... strangely enough...
(iv)   Fitness has improved drastically . 
(v)    A loss of 35kg
(vi)   Resting heart rate from 105 bpm to 55 bpm
(vii)  Eating habits have changed, and healthier options are mostly chosen
(viii) My hayfever has gone....!!! For the last 35 years I've suffered from hayfever, and, in the last 5 years it was so severe that at times I 
        could not breathe. Taking double the medication, and constantly changing medication, nothing helped at all. I was not looking 
        forward to this spring. Guess what, so far this sprint, I am hayfever free. No medication, no sneezing, no itchy throat, no 
        itchy eyes. Only twice so far my eyes have been watery, but only minor. I am certain that by doing regular exercise it has boosted 
        my immune system, and has alleviated the symptoms of hayfever. I am the living experiment indeed......! 
Regular long walks and hikes in the order of 10-20km are fun, exciting and really really relaxing. What a great way to get out and be active and get fit. Yes, Relaxation Therapy, the best way to relieve your stress....,
Had only ridden a bike 2-3 times as a kid growing up. Bought a bike in 2002 and only rode it 2-3 times and sat in the garage collecting dust and being hit by the car driving in. Found a new love for bikes, thanks to my buddy Tania
The making of the Spartans. Spartan Super Race gave us strength, determination, motivation, and lots of encouragement. The beginning of many more obstacle mud courses to come. What a great way to exercise..., 
2013, Michelle Bridges 12wbt
Healthy eating and active living. Great challenge, short 12 weeks and it's a lifestyle change, great workouts, great mindset videos. Did 3 rounds.
2013, Snap 13 week PT Sessions
With a personal trainer twice a week, great way to keep on track. Brydon, is great. I topped July's top achievers list, losing 7kga and 49.5cm in one month
2013, The Walking Challenge
On 20 April 2013, I set myself a challenge, to walk 1,000km by the end of the year. I did it 3 days later, on 03 Jan 2014, I had walked over 1,000km
2013, Warrior Dash, 5km
The first obstacle mud course for Dimitri. There's no stopping him from here. He found something he enjoys. Simon, Nicole and Theressa lets do more
2013, Glow Run, 5km
Girls had a ball, they ran, they jogged, they walked, most importantly they glowed, they danced, they partied. What a fun way to exercise
2013, Tough Mudder, 21km
The toughest and craziest thing Dimitri had done in his life. Going through electrical wires in the mud in this photo. Crazy indeed.
2013, Run the Rock, Kids 2km
First fun run for the girls, mum and Dimitri also participated with the girls. Very exciting for the girls, a great fun way to get them fit and healthy
2013, Working out with Mummy
Boxing is a fun way to burn calories and its a great cardio workout. My girls love boxing,especially Vivian. She enjoys joining in with mummy 
2013, Medicine Ball Workout
Girls enjoy excersicing activities at home, especially sit ups using the medicine ball. Lia is having great fun here. Up and back down, hard work....,
2013, Spartan Super, 14km
If it wasn't from Dimitri I would never have gotten past the mud, the walls, the hills, the creeks etc. In addition, JFDI Legends you rock. My hubby is the best
2013, Burpees Challenge
The girls love burpees, here they are doing a challenge of who will complete 50 non-stop burpees. The winner was to get $1 from mum., All that for $1....?

2013, with Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger 
at Derrimut Gym
2013, The Great Cycle Challenge
To raise money for kids cancers, a team - BMX Mums, set up by Nicole rode in the Month of October. My goal was to ride 300 km
2013, School Fun Run
The family got involved in the school fun run. Girs (+ mum dad) did the kids 1.5 km run and mum the 8km run. So proud of Vivian who joined me for the last 4km
2013 October, School Fun Run, 8km
A small School Fun Run Event. So proud of my daughter who is starting to enjoy and love exercise. She wants to be just like mummy.....!!
2013, The Great Cycle Challenge
The team BMX-Mums rode a total of 1,700.9 km and raised $951 for kids with cancers. I rode 302 km. What a great achievement team.
2013, The Color Run, Melbourne
The most fun 5km event. The girls loved it so much, they are counting the days for next years event. You start clean, you finish coloured, so much fun for all....,
2013 November, Eureka Climb,1642 steps / 88 floors.
Driving past the Eureka tower scares me. My neck hurts looking up..!. But, 1,642 steps / 88 floors up the Eureka tower, done easy, with Effie and Dimitri
2013 November, The Colour Run Melbourne, 5km
The most fun event, and a great way to get the kids out and be active. Fun for the kids fun for the adults. Lots of colours, lots of dust, hard to wash off...
2013 December, The Santa Run Melbourne, 5km
This one was an interesting one.., dressed in santa suites, 3,000 people ran/walked around Albert Park Lake. Run as a 'claus' for a cause...,
2013, The Santa Run, Melbourne
Got the family involved, including my mum and her neighbour. Effie and her boys also participated, the kids had a great time, and want to do another one
2013 December, Sussan Classic Women's Fun Run Melbourne, 10km
I had a sprained knee, Effie had a bad back, we met at 6:15am on a Sunday morning and we did it. Thanks for keeping me on track. You are the best
2014, Gut Check Fitness Launch
What a challenge, only the warm up consisted of 25 reps of burpees, sit ups, squats, 15kg sandbag, running into freezing ocean. I'll be going back for sure
2014, Park Run, 5km
Park Run Australia are run every week. I joined and my first park run was on Jan 31. My aim is to beat my PB every week, getting to about 35 mins within 4 months
2014, Fun Run Pink, Brisbane
We went to Brisbane and Gold Coast for a holiday, and we found a Fun Run to participate. I did 5km and girls ran 1km kids fun run. Very happy little girls
2014, WSTC, Kids Triathlon
So proud of my girl. Competed in her first Triathlon. She loved it, and now cannot wait to do her next one. I better hurry up and sign her up
2014 January, Fun Run Pink, 5km
Went to Qld for a holiday, and the first thing I did was to look for a fun run in the area. I found Fun Run Pink and signed up for it. Great start to 2014
2013, with Ms Kate Ceberano and walking buddy Ms Debra Dosen, at the MDC