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Over 20 years experience in research and training in the area of vaccine formulations development for cancer and chronic diseases with translational focus. In addition, extensive clinical research background, translating research to clinical trials to commercialisation of products, and expertise with consulting for pharmaceutical companies. Multidisciplinary research, in the areas of, immunology, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, crystallography, clinical research and drug development and commercialisation.


Cancer (Breast Ovarian), MS and Chronic diseases (such as, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). Translational research, clinical research, vaccine development. Developing new improved vaccines and delivery systems to treat diseases with immunology focus. Strong interest in crystallography and how to use crystallography to design new improved vaccines and drugs. Lately have acquired an interest in active and healthy living to treat cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, and, how to boost the immune system through exercise and healthy eating to prevent or treat disease. Is exercise the new immunotherapy..?


Grant review panel: NHMRC Australia, Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation USA
Grant and Fellowship Assessor: NHMRC, ARC Australia and numerous International granting bodies
Patron: Women's Wellness West, Australia
International Advisory Board: Genexine Inc, Seoul South Korea
Scientific Advisory Board: ELDrug SA., Greece
Consultant: ELDrug SA Greece 
Consultant: Prima Biomed Ltd Australia, USA
Advisor: For numerous companies on Health related issues
Associate Editor: Immunotherapy
Regional Editor: Recent Patents Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery
Section Editor: Current Medicinal Chemistry
Editorial Advisory Board: Expert Review of Vaccines - Medicinal Chemistry - ABBS - Frontiers in Immunotherapies and Vaccines - UK Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biomedicine - Biomed Research International (Immunology section).
Guest Editor: Expert Review of Vaccines, Journal of Drug Delivery, Current Pharmaceutical Design, Medicinal Chemistry
Judging Panel for numerous national and international awards
The Science Advisory Board, USA
NHMRC Research Translation Faculty, Australia
Biomedical and Lifestyle Diseases (BioLED) Research Unit Member, Australia

Author of over 234 Research Papers, Reviews, Books 
and, an inventor on 13 patents
Australia Day Ambassador
George Negus Tonight
2010, Victoria University, 
VC Award for Outstanding 
2013, with Mr Arnold
Discussion: Professor Bruce Loveland, Professor Gordon Ada, Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos, at the Austin Research Institute 2001. Sketch by Artist Ms Jane Kempe,  Link
2005, with the Right Honourable Sir Zelman Cowen
2005, with the Honourable Mr Tony Abbott, Current Prime Minister of Australia